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  he3als a538e8542f
feat: general improvements 1 week ago
  Styris 66c18552f8 Custom features, etc. 2 months ago
  Styris 4b66402eba Update to v0.4 5 months ago
  Styris b948129ae8 Update link and update details 5 months ago
  Styris d116b97aa5 Remove AutoLogon reset 5 months ago
  Styris f0b2f851f9 Update 6 months ago
  Styris f2d91e5b47 Overhaul 6 months ago
  Joe 29036f64d6 Fix previous commit 10 months ago
  Joe a683c0cd11 Update 10 months ago
  Joe ee13017910 Update sfc.exe 1 year ago
  Joe 477d103ef7 Update sfc system 1 year ago
  Joe d2c91bd341 Add partial support for new user creation after amelioration, improve OldNewExplorer installation, revamp file association system, and more 1 year ago
  Joe a5e5f4039d Overhaul amelioration process 1 year ago
  yoh e5bea94433 Included Joe's wallpaper script, PERM.bat now has it's own YAML file, edited SLNT.bat 1 year ago
  yoh 45646041a0 Added more configuration to OldNewExplorer to replicate the ISO, moved Enter.ps1 outside of silent_installers.7z, v58 1 year ago
  yoh 0ed420d5a3 Auto login to last user issue fixed 1 year ago
  yoh a564559c86 Initial commit, v56 1 year ago