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Script for changing your profile icon on Windows 10 AME.

profile-img Screenshot


You can download the script by going to the latest release and downloading from the Downloads section.

Alternatively, you could clone the repository:

git clone

To run the script, simply drag and drop an image file onto it. You can also run it from a CMD prompt like so:

C:\Users\user> "Downloads\profile-img.bat" "Downloads\ame_icon.bmp"

Invalid image file type

Since the Creator's Update, JPEG files have been saving as .JFIF instead. You will have to rename them to use them with the script. The script also will not accept any of the more exotic extensions for JPEG or BMP files, so you may have to rename the file if your extension is nonstandard.

This is a preventative measure so you don't accidentally replace your icon with a non-image by dragging over the wrong file. Non-images will show up blank and are almost certainly not what you want.