• 20H2.2021.04.01

    lucid 3 years ago | 11 commits to master since this release


    • Disabled Windows Recovery
    • Automated installation of Wallpapers
    • Integrated install_wim_tweak.exe into the batch script from our own compile
    • Script can now fully remove both versions of Edge
    • Added section to automatically install the Malte wallpaper
    • Added tasks that prevent the user from logging into the Administrator account and displays a message alerting the user that using the administrator account is not supported


    • Windows Security (SecHealthUI) commands need to be run manually (see documentation)
    • Wallpaper is not set as the desktop background

    SHA256: 133E188ED88EC9F352985864932251D9F13C60C7BCB6C3AA18896CE68AF66EDC