13 Commits (21H1.2021.10.09)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  lucid be8c92f286 update to 21H1 2 years ago
  lucid 02e9522ec8 Upload files to 'BASH' 3 years ago
  lucid d4a9ed65ae new line issue 3 years ago
  lucid a192ee6fae changed env back to bash 3 years ago
  lucid 9156db4db1 First release of 20H2 script 3 years ago
  lucid 0e28095f75 Delete ameliorate_2004.sh for 20H2 release 3 years ago
  lucid 8fb8bcbc0f added json 3 years ago
  malte 5c52fb2d1f fixed typo in recovery section 3 years ago
  malte 6ffe634356 fixed typo for backup script 3 years ago
  malte 8a891f64ba Initial upload of ameliorate_2004.sh 3 years ago
  malte ef69d964ae Removal of 1903 ameliorate_1903.sh 3 years ago
  malte 9820cb2e37 version bump 4 years ago
  malte a39e6b7e97 Initial Commit 4 years ago