• Initial full release

    LoganDark 2 years ago | 1 commits to master since this release


    • Added maintainer and version number to the top of the script (as a comment)
    • Added version number to main menu
    • Removed "your computer will explode" message


    Despite being released to a community of testers, no new bugs were found. Extensive testing of the script has been done in VMs and the current version of the script has not been observed failing to complete a WSL install (without user error like moving the script between reboots). I have reason to believe that the script is stable and bug-free enough to release to the community.

    Make sure to contact the AME team with any bugs you find in the script, and it will be investigated and fixed as soon as possible.

    SHA256: 1FAB5455916C0E91A6EB07ED8C22A3D144A3DB4B48C48F32184417BBB4194BF1

  • Initial release

    LoganDark 2 years ago | 5 commits to master since this release


    • Fixed the batch script erroring when its path contains spaces


    None known right now.

    SHA256: F494043D33301F47B5042818980B107E87001A3BEC19F289ABB8CDF7513FAA3A