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  LoganDark c426e59a2f Removed "your computer will explode" message 11 months ago
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  LoganDark e9e2e35808 Add maintainer and version at the top of the script 11 months ago
  LoganDark 393f46ead8 Include version number in menu 11 months ago
  LoganDark a1e8efea30 final version hopefully 1 year ago
  LoganDark 89df9b110f Replace screenshot again 1 year ago
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  Satsuki 12bd2e4ece Reverted screenshot 1 year ago
  LoganDark 778fa461ce Replace screenshot with a higher-res, dark mode version 1 year ago
  LoganDark 839b14cb57 Fix launcher failing to launch when the path has spaces in it 1 year ago
  LoganDark 1705ccdaf2 C a l m t h e u s e r 1 year ago
  LoganDark b6b5ea3ea2 prevent text from being obscured by the loading box 1 year ago
  LoganDark 7ed792b0dc Clear screen completely for the result pages 1 year ago
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  LoganDark 8ec1a47a52 Update 'install-wsl.bat' 1 year ago
  LoganDark 56edff773c Fix "the system cannot find the file specified" in the batch file help menu 1 year ago
  LoganDark 3c8c26c551 Add flags and stuff to batch script 1 year ago
  LoganDark b9203b4e56 Windows terminal 1 year ago
  LoganDark 4da30dbfc5 Rename to install-wsl.psm1, and fix download logic 1 year ago
  LoganDark cc559afd88 see previous commit 1 year ago
  LoganDark 325af16320 Rename batch file per alex's request, and prepare for renamed psm1 file 1 year ago
  LoganDark 29c7eebd0b WHOOPS 1 year ago
  LoganDark 840d11fca1 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  LoganDark dd6ef3fe4f batch script: @echo off 1 year ago
  LoganDark df49e69e2e fix missing quote in batch script 1 year ago
  LoganDark 77a2c50b6d fix typo in batch script 1 year ago
  LoganDark d8ed7c6e6c Remove sneaky spaces reeee 1 year ago
  LoganDark e11cb30102 Wrap the download warning 1 year ago
  LoganDark f7c76412a8 Clarify that missing menus are a bug 1 year ago
  LoganDark 35009cea98 Fix script allowing itself to run as admin 1 year ago
  LoganDark 99a4513f5a Fix batch launcher failing to find the powershell module when run as admin 1 year ago
  LoganDark 71e8b3ca7f Remove arch from the script entirely 1 year ago
  LoganDark 2e5491643c Removed ARM entries per Alex's request 1 year ago
  LoganDark 3ee54a8ccc Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  LoganDark 0850778ba4 Add launcher batch script 1 year ago
  LoganDark cae404f778 Add script 1 year ago
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